Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One for the web developers out there

invaluable command line tools for web developers

Wrong! Disagreement and dysfunction - a Blog by a friend

Good advice from a Blog by a friend of mine... 

Constantly remind yourselves of the things you agree on. Play them back. Write them down. Recognize that you will be working together to do these things going forward if you can get over the things you disagree on.

To see the rest read...  Wrong! Disagreement and dysfunction

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adding RSS Reader capabilities to Chrome

Today I clicked on a link on Joe Workman's site and received a page of XML gibberish (see below).

XML gibberish :)

The problem I soon discovered is that Chrome does not natively have an RSS reader built in, as Apple's Safari does.
A few minutes later, I had Google'd an answer. See this article of some annoying 'features' of Chrome... one of them is the lack of RSS reader.

Its a quick fix, just follow the link to the Google Chrome store and install the RSS subscription add on and refresh the page of XML gibberish or re-try the link you originally clicked on. You should now see a web page (in may case Joe's blog) instead of the XML gibberish :) 

Joe's Blog