Thursday, August 16, 2012

BYOD myths

I found this article about the myths of BYOD in Tech Republic this morning. I must say the 'myths' are on the mark based on what I hear and see being discussed online

They left off the one about the sugar crazed developer (coke and pizza) bringing their custom game machine in to their work to do development during the day ;) the one

I found most interesting was Myth 9 A friend of mine used to work for a very well known device management solution company and he sad business was on the cusp of booming Some organizations were getting the need to manage their devices most were coming around to understanding the need but had not done it yet... I think the flood gates are about to open

A few of my clients at work are facing this challenge right now They need to be able to allow customer and supplier devices access to their services rather than mandate a single device/ platform and how these devices will be managed is a real challenge

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