Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is BYOD really about BYOA?

So here's a question for you: Is BYOD really about BYOA?
BYOA = BYO Application
You want to BYO Device so you can use an application or applications you have on that device but not others.  e.g. you iPhone, iPad, or Andriod equivalent has lots of Apps that are sometimes unique to the device (or class of device) and you just can't run them on your work's SOE device.
In my case its certainly a good part of the reason I BYOD, there are lots of Apps that I use every day in my work. The reasons I don't or can't install the same Apps on my work's SOE device include:
  • they won't run on Windows
  • I don't have a license to install on multiple machines (its already installed on my BYOD), and possibly
  • its against your work's IT policies regarding installing non SOE software on work equipment
 So here's my straw poll: What's your main reason for BYOD? (where BYOD includes the OS part and anything essential to running the device, Apps are on top of that)
  1. I love my BYOD over the work SOE alternative
  2. I need the Apps
  3. Its a 50/50 split between BYOD reasons and BYOA
  4. Some other reason - please share :)
p.s. with the recent trend towards cloud Apps, BYOA may only be a fleeting concept as may Apps are available on just about any device. If this trend continues, maybe BYOA will become more about the legal right to use your Apps accross any device you have access to

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