Friday, September 27, 2013

The value of 'a topic on a page'

Some time ago, I become interested in summarising a topic on a page.  The interest sprang from some really good posters I found that summarised all the important stuff ragarding a topic e.g. Rational had a really good one on UML and another on RUP.

Around the same time, I found a template that Apple were using for creating 'posters' to summarise a topic on a page and the notion of 'poster sessions' where people would put their poster on a wall and people would meet in a room with multiple posters and read them to get a quick update on topics of interest.

Most recently, I have rekindled my interest in 'topic on a page' and find them a great way of communicating a lot of concepts quickly.  The digital equivalent seems to be a really good infographic or a really good Prezi presentation.

The only trouble is, a good poster is hard to produce.

I'm currently working on a 'Big Data on a page' poster and will post it back here when I have something to share.

In the meantime, any tips on how to create good posters, infographics and the like are most welcome :)

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  1. Hello Glenn,
    Here are a couple of tools that you can use to create good posters
    - Adobe Illustrator

    Depending on the content of your poster, you might be able to use existing infographics templates from, piktochart or other infographics design providers. Alternatively, you can select certain graphics or images from various tools and then combine them using illustrator.

    Additionally, below are some of my favourite data visualisation:

    - - Small arms and ammunition – imports & exports from 1992 to 2010

    - - A visual simulation on CO2 emissions, birth rate & death rate

    - - A visual exploration of where New Yorkers moved in the last decade

    - - A data visualisation gallery by The Census Bureau (US)